Political Common Sense for America
In early fall of 2008, it became apparent to me that our political system had begun to unwind. The two political parties were offering us only two choices: bad and worse. They had stopped listening to the American citizen, and prevented us from really seeing what was going on in our State Capitals and in Washington. It was at this moment that I started writing the book Political Common Sense for America. After an exciting promotional radio tour it became obvious that more work needed to be done, so I began producing a weekly newsletter. My readers asked for more, so for the past 6 months I have been producing regular YouTube videos and audio PodCasts that are free on iTunes.

Why am I doing all of this? Simple, voters need more non-partisan information. They need things broken down into everyday English, and they need common sense solutions. It is my goal to porvide my readers, listeners, and viewers with the most comprehensive commentary on the issues that are effecting them every day.
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Brian Boeheim
The Political Engineer